Benefits of apartment living

There are plenty of reasons why people enjoy apartment are our top 10:

There are plenty of reasons why people enjoy apartment living…here are our top 10:

  1. More lifestyle for your money. With the budget you have for a new home, you have probably realised that it won’t put you in the location you really want. Apartments allow you to be close to the action, close to cafes, shops, transport and entertainment.
  2. Resort-style facilities. With many apartment developments in Perth featuring swimming pools, gyms and large dining or BBQ facilities, you can use these any time you like and entertain your friends.
  3. Less maintenance. With a house, you have all sorts of repairs and renovations to manage and budget for. Rather than spend your savings on fixing a leaky roof, spend it on something fun instead!
  4. Feel safe and secure. With security doors, buzzers, secure parking and people around, you’ll feel comfortable leaving your apartment if you go away, and when you arrive home late at night.
  5. Live in a community. In this day and age where many people don’t know their neighbours, apartment life gets you to know friendly faces and hear what’s happening in your area.
  6. Less to think about. When you live in a house, it’s up to you to manage all the little things like gardening, landscaping and putting the bins out. In most apartment developments, a strata company takes care of managing common areas and services.
  7. Lower day to day living costs. When you live in a great location with everything nearby, it’s unlikely you’ll be taking the car out very frequently – and you may not need one at all. Also, apartments are more energy efficient than houses, so utilities bills are generally lower. It all adds up to great savings.
  8. Lock and leave. If you want to go on a holiday, it’s easy if you live in an apartment – just lock the front door.
  9. Easy to clean. A big house means lots of chores – vacuuming, mopping and dusting. An apartment can be cleaned in an hour-or-two, freeing you up to do more important things.
  10. More for less. Financially, an apartment really stacks up compared to a house. The cost to buy-in is generally lower because you are buying the home and not the land. Once you’re ready to move on, you can even hold on to your apartment as a rental property investment. A win-win situation.